Endorsements from Local Elected Officials within the 29th Senate District

Anaheim Rectangle_6.22.20

Dr. Jose Moreno

Anaheim City Council Member, District 3

“I endorse Josh Newman for State Senate and ask you to cast your vote for him.  It matters who you hire to do this job, and I know Josh is someone ready to stand against prejudice and bigotry and work for the betterment of our Latino communities and all of our residents in Anaheim as our California State Senator.  When Trump came after California, Josh Newman fought back and worked to provide security for our community.  I count him as a friend and ally because he is a principled and independent voice for good government– whether it is access to quality healthcare, quality schools or addressing homelessness– we know we can count on Josh to be a fearless State Senator who will do the right thing.  Grab your ballot right now and join me in voting for Josh Newman for State Senate.”

Al Jabbar

anaheim unified High School District Trustee, area 1

“Josh Newman has spent his entire career fighting for what’s right.  He delivered results for the people of Anaheim and continues to be a strong advocate for great schools and innovative solutions to our communities’ toughest challenges.  He’s got the support of educators across our region and I am proud to endorse him.  Josh is the leader that Anaheim residents deserve to represent them in Sacramento.  Please join me and vote for Josh Newman so that our state government continues to deliver for our community.”

Ryan Ruelas

Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee, Area 5

“I am proud to support and endorse my friend and Anaheim’s tireless advocate, Josh Newman.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you’ve got Josh Newman in your corner who works hard, listens harder, and is never afraid to stand up for your community.  We need him as our State Senator because he is committed to our community, our families, and our schools.  As an Anaheim Elementary School Board Trustee, I’ve seen Josh go above and beyond for our kids and families.  Vote for Josh Newman for State Senate.”

Jordan Brandman

Anaheim city council member, District 2

Dr. J. Paolo Macgalas

President, Anaheim Elementary School Board, area 3 trustee

Brea Rectangle_6.22.20

Glenn Parker

brea city council member

“Josh was one of the most responsive state legislators to serve Brea in many years.  He listened, engaged and acted to address our community’s needs.  He was instrumental in our succesful efforts to obtain grants to fund the 57 Freeway/Lambert Road traffic flow improvements currently underway.  We need his voice back in Sacramento!”

Christine Marick

brea City council Member

“I endorse Josh Newman for State Senate.  Josh is a champion through and through, and has been so from the moment we sent him to Sacramento.  He delivered funds for public safety, and he brought home millions of dollars for our roads and infrastructure.  As a Brea City Council Member, I can tell you firsthand that Josh Newman has worked diligently for us in the California State Senate.  I’ve seen Josh go above and beyond for our city, our kids, and our families.  Vote for Josh Newman for State Senate.”

Keri Kropke

Brea-Olinda School Board Member

Buena Park Rectangle_6.22.20

Art Brown

Mayor of the City of Buena Park

“Josh Newman is the clear choice for the California State Senate for Buena Park.  He is independent, energetic, effective and courageous, and stands up for for everyone in our community.  Over the course of his career, Josh has proven that he will do the work to get things done.  From the North OC Public Safety Task Force to supporting our business community, we have always been able to rely on Josh Newman to do the right thing for our city.  I look forward to working with him to continue to make Buena Park a better place, and that’s why I endorse Josh Newman, and ask you to cast your vote for him for California State Senate.”

Connor Traut

mayor pro tem of the city of buena park

“As our representative in the State Senate, Josh Newman delivered results for the people of Buena Park and across the 29th State Senate District.  I wholeheartedly support Josh Newman in his rematch bid for the State Senate and look forward to his leadership and bold problem-solving back in Sacramento, to move our community in the right direction.  From bringing home resources and keeping our community safe, to delivering funding for high-priority issues such as addressing homelessness and providing young people with opportunities, Josh has proven to be an effective and reliable partner.  I enthusiastically endorse Josh Newman for the State Senate.”

Sunny Youngsun park

Buena Park City council member, district 1

Chris Brown

vice president, Savanna School Board

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Centralia School District Trustee, Area 3

Ian MacDonald

Clerk, Centralia School District, Area 4 trustee

Chino Hills Rectangle_6.20.20

Ray Marquez

CHINO HILLS City Council Member

Diamond Bar Rectangle_6.22.20

Andrew Chou

Diamond Bar City Council Member

Fullerton Rectangle_6.22.20

Jesus Silva

Fullerton City Council member, District 3

“During his time serving our city in the State Senate, Josh has been a tremendously effective leader, delivering for us time and time again.  I know I can rely on Josh to be a hardworking, dedicated public servant who stands up for our community and our people.  Fullerton and its residents can count on him to put our interests above politics and help us move this city and all of California forward.  We need a steady, independent partner in Sacramento like Josh Newman and that is why I’m honored to support him and endorse his re-election to the State Senate.”

Ahmad Zahra

fullerton city council member, District 5

“Josh Newman has proven himself to be an effective advocate for Fullerton in the State Senate, working tirelessly to deliver results on the people he represents.  Josh has been at the forefront, fighting for us as we address homelessness, housing and transportation issues in our community.  I am pleased to endorse Josh Newman for the State Senate, because we deserve a smart, hardworking, public servant to advance our city’s interests in Sacramento.”

Joanne Fawley

president, Fullerton joint union high school district

Jeanette Vazquez Photo 3

Jeanette Vazquez

president, Fullerton school district

Aaruni Thakur Photo

Aaruni Thakur

Fullerton School district trustee

La Habra Rectangle_6.22.20

Rose Espinoza

la habra City council member

“Josh Newman has always been there for La Habra.  His hard work in Sacramento delivered the money we needed to build our splash pad and to continue to expand our park space for families in La Habra.  In addition to helping us with public space, he’s also helped us maintain the public safety by increasing community outreach to programs, supporting organizations that find solutions to homelessness and providing needed resources to our police department.  Josh Newman is the clear choice for La Habra in the California State Senate.  Josh has stood up time and time again for working families in our community, and I’m very happy to endorse him and to call him a friend.”

Cynthia Aguirre

la habra School district member

Adam Rogers

la habra School district member

La Palma Rectangle_6.22.20

Marshall Goodman

La palma City Council Member

“Serving the public is best done in partnership. Josh Newman has been a great ally of La Palma and has helped us make progress on the important issues we care about. Whether it’s securing public safety funding to help address homelessness and to support our community-based organizations or making sure our roads and infrastructure is maintained and enhanced, Senator Newman did the hard work to get things done for us.  For this reason, I stand with Josh and am very happy to endorse Josh Newman for State Senate.  Please make sure to vote on or before March 3.   And make sure you vote for Josh Newman.”

Larry Herman

former mayor of the city of La Palma

“La Palma needs Josh Newman back in the State Senate.  He has a track record of getting important work done for our city.  From securing $20 million for local initiatives to improve public safety and address homelessness, to supporting local businesses and quality schools, Josh gets it.  He knows what we need because he listens to us.  I am proud to support Josh Newman for California State Senate and look forward to getting our community moving in the right direction again.”

Industry Rectangle_6.22.20

Cory Moss

mayor of the City of Industry

“As a State Senator, Josh Newman delivered results for our community and was a tireless advocate for the issues that matter in the City of Industry.  From local roads, regional rail and interstate highways, Josh knows that our businesses demand investment in our transportation infrastructure.  I know that we can count on him to listen to our concerns and be an independent voice and effective representative for us in the California State Senate.  We need Josh to go back to work for us in Sacramento.  I am happy to endorse him and look forward to partnering with him again to move our regional economy forward.”

Catherine Marcucci

mayor pro tem of the City of Industry

“During his time in Sacramento, Josh Newman did an outstanding job delivering for the communities in our State Senate district, including the City of Industry.  We know we can count on him to work hard on our behalf and be an effective advocate for our interests in Sacramento.  Josh is a forward-thinking, courageous leader, and I’m pleased to be able to support him.  I endorse Josh Newman for the California, and look forward to getting to work with him again when he’s re-elected.”

Stanton Rectangle_6.22.20

Carole Warren

mayor pro tem of the City of Stanton

Walnut Rectangle_6.22.20

Andrew Rodriguez

Mayor of the City of Walnut

“Josh Newman has been a reliable partner and a committed public servant from the moment he stepped foot in Sacramento to serve our community in the California State Senate.  Whether it was fighting for our region’s transportation dollars or bringing in needed resources to the communities in the district, the City of Walnut could always depend on Josh to be a strong and effective advocate.  He has proven to be a champion of the California Dream and a fighter for healthcare, the environment, quality public schools, and economic opportunity for all.  I’m proud to stand with him and support his campaign.”

West Covina Rectangle_6.22.20

James Toma

Former mayor of the City of West covina

“Josh Newman is a friend and great supporter of West Covina.  From homelessness and community safety to ensuring that our public schools are world-class, Josh has been a reliable partner to our city.  I’m proud to endorse Josh Newman for California State Senate because we need a hard-working advocate for our region in Sacramento.  Josh has proven himself to be a fearless fighter for our families and I know we can count on him to effectively advance our interests as our State Senator.”