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Josh’s Story

JOSH NEWMAN served as an officer in the United States Army following his graduation from Yale University. After leaving the service, he became a successful businessman who worked in technology and film production. Josh is the founder of ArmedForce2Workforce, a not-for-profit initiative to assist young veterans in the pursuit of career-oriented employment.

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I live by some simple rules—do the work, tell the truth, and stand up for what you believe in. That’s why I refused to be controlled by special interests in Sacramento, and it’s why I am running again for State Senate. 

I’d be honored to earn your vote.



Here in California, we can be proud of the fact that we boast the largest total number of veterans of any state in the nation.  

And yet, programs and funding continually fall well short of achieving their stated goals of helping veterans in their respective spheres…

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The Environment

I firmly believe that California can achieve its goals of 100% renewable and zero carbon energy by 2045, on its own and, perhaps just as importantly, in ways that will be both innovative and beneficial to the state’s economy… 

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Homelessness and mental health services

This is a crisis that will take urgency and new approaches to solve. In 2019, the state of California experienced the largest increase in the homeless population of any state in the US, with an increase of 21,306 people, more than the total increase across every other state in the US combined…

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College Affordability

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when typical California college students could pursue a degree and simultaneously pay their tuition with a part-time job. Sadly, that is far from the case today…

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Education Funding

Despite the fact that California has recently made desperately needed and promising improvements to our education systems, our state still ranks among the lowest in the nation when it comes to various metrics on education funding and outcomes…

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Fiscal Accountability

As with anything related to fiscal planning, the key is balance. Not just balancing the budget, but balancing priorities in the form of the programs and initiatives that are being funded, to ensure that the best interests of the state are fully addressed in the most strategic and prudent fashion possible…

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Economic Development

In today’s climate of special interest pressure and big money politics, the voices and concerns of average Californians are too often ignored…

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Workforce Development

In order to build a California workforce fully equipped for the 21st century economy, it is incumbent upon state government to play a proactive, strategic, and realistic role in devising policy solutions that promote the specific and varied educational and training needs of as many Californians as possible, up and down the education and income scales…

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