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March 27, 2019

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Endorsements from Neighborhood Leaders, Grassroots Activists Underscores Groundswell of Support for Josh Newman’s 2020 State Senate Campaign 

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Signifying the far-reaching coalition of support among neighborhood leaders and grassroots activists surrounding his 2020 rematch bid for State Senate, today U.S. Army veteran, businessman and former State Senator Josh Newman unveiled an expansive list of one hundred “Citizens for Newman,” which include an array of endorsements from individuals across California’s 29th Senate District.

Upon releasing this new wave of community-based endorsements, Newman reflected:

“I am deeply grateful for this tremendous show of support from these local community leaders. They share my belief that people deserve better — from politicians and from government — because we, the people, have every right to expect decency and honesty from those who serve us in elected office. This early support is especially encouraging, since it’s reflective of our goal of building a people-powered movement that will bring change to the 29th district.”

Supporters of Newman’s campaign offered the following statements announcing their endorsements:

“Josh Newman was always open, accessible and transparent. We need more of that from our elected leaders. We need Josh Newman in the State Senate,” said Martin Lopez, Unite Here Local 11 Union Organizer.

“Josh Newman’s courage, grit and fearlessness are precisely what we need from our next State Senator. He’s got a proven track record, a deep understanding of state public policy, and has a vision for how to move our communities forward. I’m thrilled to support him,” said Shaina Aber-Hanson, Attorney at Vera Institute of Justice.

“As our State Senator, Josh Newman worked hard to strengthen public safety, invest more in local schools, protect our environment, healthcare access, and grow our local, middle class economy. I’m proud to endorse Josh Newman for 2020,” said Cynthia Aguirre, La Habra School Board Member.

“Josh Newman is a patriot. He served our country in the Army, worked to help veterans find jobs, then served our community in the State Senate. Josh is a leader who puts common sense over political bickering. He’s the refreshing new kind of leader we need for the 29th district,” said Wesley “Chick” Adams, Veteran.

“He’s got sound judgement and a strong moral compass. Puts people over extremism and special interests. I’ve just described why I’m supporting Josh Newman for State Senate. I’m with Josh 100%,” Peggye Jackson, Realtor/Tri-Counties Democratic Club Chair.

The 100 “Citizens for Newman” list contains classroom teachers, veterans, nurses, small business owners, grassroots activists, community leaders and more, including:

  • Martin Lopez, Unite HERE Local 11 Union Organizer
  • Raymond Moya, Political Field Director
  • Gabriel Alfaro, Mount San Antonio College Student Trustee
  • Beverly Heasley, Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
  • Ahmad Fayaz Nawabi, Policy & Advocacy Manager
  • Mike Robbins, Founding Member, People’s Housing Task force
  • Nick Vanaosdoll, Self-Employed
  • George J. Mankiewicz, Claims Administrator
  • Joanne Fawley, High School Teacher/FJUHSD Trustee
  • Susan Sonne, Community Leader/Buena Park United
  • Annette Johnson, Consultant, Marketing Development
  • Gail Benson Ledesma, Retired/Member of Yorba Linda United
  • Sherry Koopman, Self-Employed
  • Beatrice Mendoza, Advocate
  • Augusto Gonzalez, Student, Fullerton College
  • Ada Tamayo, Union Organizer
  • Yesenia Rojas, Community Leader
  • Luis Flores, Centralia School District Trustee
  • Sadia Raja, Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Adela Gutierrez Lopez, Retired College Professor Emeritus
  • Alan Abdo, Owner, The Olive Tree Restaurant
  • Sameul Armstrong, Retired Probation Officer
  • Jorge Gavino, Public Policy Graduate
  • Shaina Aber-Hanson, Attorney at Vera Institute of Justice
  • Ada Briceno, Union Leader & DPOC Chair
  • Marc Gibbons, Attorney
  • Jim Gallagher, Retired Board of Directors, Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Jim Case, Retired Director of Career Center at Cal State Fullerton
  • Tamara Jimenez, Community Relations – Anaheim Lighthouse
  • Dr. Sanobar Baig, M.D. Liberty Healthcare
  • Lesley Mahaffey, Retired
  • Sandra J. Klein, Retired Executive Director, Intercommunity Child Guidance Center
  • Sam Jammal, Clean Energy Attorney
  • Gaston Castellanos, Communications Specialist
  • Monica Killen, Senior Grant Writer
  • Victorine Daigre, College Professor, Mt San Antonia College
  • Ian Macdonald, Centralia School District Trustee
  • Phil Janowicz, Community Leader/Former Congressional Candidate
  • Isabelle Liu, Graduate Student
  • Dr. Faisal Qazi, Neurologist
  • Rashad Al-Dabbagh, Community Leader/Activist
  • Jeanine Robbins, Founding Member of Housing is a Human Right
  • Kay Benson, Realtor
  • Juan Alvarez, Anaheim Elementary School Board Trustee
  • David Graham, Safety Director, Traffic Management Inc.
  • Linda Fini, Registered Nurse
  • Dr. J. Paolo Magcalas, Teacher/Anaheim Elementary School Board Trustee
  • Iris Mann, Political Activist/Volunteer
  • Alyse Kirschen, Psychologist
  • Patty Tutor, Retired Fullerton City Commissioner
  • Dr. Mark H. Shapiro, Retired Professor of Physics at CSUF
  • George Urena, K-12 Teacher
  • C. Mack Gilland, Retired Educator
  • Karen Lawson, Healthcare Data Tech Professional
  • Cynthia Aguirre, La Habra School Board Trustee
  • Jay Chen, Mount San Antonio College Trustee
  • Lorena Moreno, High School Principal
  • Lourdes Cruz, Community Leader, Yorba Linda United
  • Dr. Faisal Qazi, Neurologist
  • Doug Doner, Retired School Teacher
  • Ana González, Public Affairs Director
  • Bobbi Lee Smart, Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Cerritos College
  • Ryan Ruelas, Anaheim Union High School District Trustee
  • Jodi Balma, Fullerton College Professor
  • Wesley “Chick” Adams, Veteran
  • Carolyn Williams, Applied Behavioral Sciences
  • Gail Cain, Court Reporter
  • Stephen Blount, Trustee, North NOCCCD Trustee
  • Kevin W. Blanchard, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Kaelin Locker, CSUF Veteran Student Services Coordinator
  • Daisy Bennett, School Aide at Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District
  • Louise Larsen, Writer/Activist
  • Dr. Donna Hunter, School Principal
  • Mark Anthony Paredes, Government Affairs Manager
  • Belal Dalati, Anaheim Planning Commissioner/Business Owner
  • Patrika Jamal, Small Business Owner
  • Fran Sdao, Immediate Past Chair, Democratic Party of Orange County
  • Marian Bodnar, President, Chino Hills Democratic Club
  • Aaruni Thakur, Fullerton School District Trustee
  • Joyce Ahm, Community Volunteer/Activist
  • Elizabeth Gonzales, Centralia School District Trustee
  • Dr. Sarah Soboh, Pharmacist
  • David Everado Lopez, Vietnam Veteran
  • Tanis Nelson, Retired
  • Barbara Sideri, Community Advocate/Volunteer
  • Linda Gardner, Community Advocate/President, Democrats of North Orange County
  • Sean Thomas, Insurance Executive
  • Nettie Bryan, Mother
  • Hamzah Daud, Student
  • Cindy Calisher, Retired
  • Mary Grace Moreno, Digital Marketing Professional
  • Harry Langenbacher, Homeless Advocate
  • Jeff Rosenblum, Political Advocate/Organizer
  • Deanne Locker, Veteran/Student
  • Susan Adams, Office Manager
  • Cindy Allison, Registered Dietitian
  • Isabella Rubio, Activist
  • Leanne Hebert, Event Planner
  • Demian Garcia-Monroy, Pediatric Home Health Nurse
  • Rana Mohiuddin, Realtor
  • Andrea Guzman- College Student at California State University Fullerton
  • Peggye Jackson, Realtor/President, Tri-Counties Democratic Club
  • Ana Sánchez, Graduate Student

To see an interactive map featuring the local endorsers, please visit:

Josh Newman is a United States Army veteran, community activist, father, husband, and former State Senator for the 29th Senate District of California. He and his wife Darcy reside in Fullerton with their daughter and four rescue Chihuahuas.

A former officer in the United States Army, Newman’s active duty military service included assignments with a nuclear weapons detachment in South Korea and with a conventional artillery battalion in the 25th Infantry Division. After a successful post-service professional career in the Internet technology sector, Newman founded and served as Executive Director of ArmedForce2Workforce, an initiative founded in 2012 to assist young veterans in the Orange County/Greater Los Angeles area in the pursuit of rewarding, career-oriented employment.

Continuing to give back to his community, in 2016 Newman ran a “bottom-up” campaign against the political establishment — and got elected to the California Senate. In the State Senate, Newman chaired the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. He also sat on the Business & Professions, Health, Insurance, and Human Services committees.

In Sacramento, he was active and accessible, tirelessly serving the 16 cities of the 29th Senate District, continuously putting public service over politics, irrespective of the consequences. Throughout his tenure, Newman focused on finding common sense, pragmatic solutions that help improve the quality of life for California families. His legislation championed veteran services, mental health resources, public education, job creation, environmental protection, equal rights and transportation improvements.

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