Recall Facts

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Here are the facts about the misleading recall that targeted State Senator Josh Newman:

Josh is a veterans’ advocate and successful businessman who ran for State Senate in 2016 to bring a commonsense approach to issues. Despite millions in special interest money spent against him, Josh’s underdog campaign defeated Republican Ling Ling Chang.

Josh swore an oath to represent and protect our district, and he was one of 81 legislators who voted to increase the gas tax in response to concerns raised by the California Highway Patrol and public safety experts about bridge and road safety.

The same special interests that opposed Josh in 2016 funded a campaign to remove him from office just four months into his term. They used his vote to make desperately needed investments in road repairs and earthquake safety as the pretext for an election do-over.

To get enough signatures, the special interests paid political operatives to lie to voters, by claiming the recall was to repeal the gas tax, which it didn’t do. They tricked enough voters and a low-turnout special election was scheduled.

The recall was opposed by the OC Register, along with public safety, education, and environmental groups. However, the low turnout was too much for a Democrat to overcome. Josh was recalled, and Ling Ling was elected.

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