For Immediate release
July 15, 2019

J&Z Strategies

State Senators Melissa Hurtado, Nancy Skinner and Bob Wieckowski Endorse Josh Newman’s 2020 Rematch Bid

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Serving as yet more evidence of his far-reaching and expanding coalition of support as he gears up for the 2020 rematch race to represent California’s 29th State Senate District, today U.S. Army veteran, businessman and former State Senator, Josh Newman, collected a trio of endorsements from key State Senators. Those endorsing former Senator Newman today include the following:
• State Senator Melissa Hurtado
• State Senator Nancy Skinner
• State Senator Bob Wieckowski

Each of the legislators weighed in with high praise for Newman and strong support for his candidacy:

“As a State Senator, Josh Newman worked tirelessly to move California forward. He advanced a range of common sense policies, from enhancements to public safety to ensuring clean air and water, to making college more accessible, to lowering the costs of prescription drugs and creating more middle class jobs. Josh’s successful record underscores exactly why we need him back in the Senate, working on behalf of the 29th District. I’m thrilled to support him.”
— State Senator Melissa Hurtado

“We need Josh Newman back in the Legislature. During his tenure, California made significant gains on a broad spectrum of smart policies. We protected healthcare access, our environment, consumers, and immigrants. We took on the gun lobby to advance gun safety laws, toughened equality laws to ensure equal pay for equal work, and improved our K-12 schools. Josh played a key role in helping to shape policy in California, and we need him to continue this important work in the State Senate. He has my enthusiastic support.”
— State Senator Nancy Skinner

“Josh Newman is a true American patriot. He served his country in the army, dedicated his career to helping lift up veterans, and then ran for the State Senate on a people-powered agenda. In Sacramento, Josh delivered on job creation, improvements to local schools, environmental protections, equality policies, public safety and so much more. He’s got the background, skills and abilities needed to deliver for the people of the 29th Senate District. I strongly endorse Josh Newman for State Senate.”
— State Senator Bob Wieckowski